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Hey guys!  It’s that time!

Welcome to Hell is currently up on NexTV’s Acting and Directing Talent Search for voting!!

If you’ve been following for a while, you probably know what’s going on, but if you’re new to the blog, basically, I entered W2H in a competition which offers a peer-voting section as a shortcut to the finals.  I had entered it in a previous NexTV competition and made it to the semi-finals, but there was a technical difficulty and it never went through the voting section—-which is what I’m looking forward to most!

It’s super easy to help me out!  Just follow the link and scroll down to #26, Erica Wester, and give me a vote!  : )

Thanks!  Wish us luck!  Or better yet, cast a vote! 

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To me, the Sherlock Holmes stories are about a great friendship. Without Watson, Holmes might well have burnt out on cocaine long ago. I hope the series shows how important friendship is.
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i want to sit on a kitchen counter in my underwear at 3 am with you and talk about the universe

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i stare at boys so much how do they not notice

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single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive

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Really quick Easter doodle for you guys!!  And I mean like really quick.  I’ll probably wake up with an art hangover tomorrow and regret posting it.  But I’ve been trying to post something for each major US holiday!  It’s hard to find a way to make an Easter art that’s both morbid and cute but also relatively inoffensive considering the subject matter. 

(Actually those are my general W2H guidelines.  The bullet wound in my foot is pretty bad.)

Anyway, hope you all had a nice weekend!  : )

Happy Easter from Welcome to Hell!

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Swimming pools:
- 10% water
- 15% chlorine
- 25% pee
- 50% tears

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my fav ghosts

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Uh— why is the tag ”How to draw pants” a homestuck thing???

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*walks past mirror*

*walks back*


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I wanted to draw some kind of election related art and this is the result. I’m probably going to draw some more stuff later!

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update on Toon Requests

I know, I know, I suck. But hey! I finished everyone’s requests [like a long time ago whoopsies] 
The thing is[and I swear I mentioned it before] I do NOT have a scanner at the moment. Which sucks major cupcakes. I should be getting it soon, though, but in the meantime, I’ve been thinking. Should I just place each request beside one and other and just take a really blurry phone shot [sort of like a sneak-peek to come?] because I wouldn’t mind doing that. 

I just feel bad that I can’t give everyone their requests yet :/ but I have done them! I am no flaky-Felix!

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